Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wrecks, Repairs, and the Insurance Realm

     Most people have little concern for the world of collision repair, until they are blindsided by another driver or some other unfortunate incident involving their vehicle.  Some are fortunate enough to never have been involved in an accident, while others seem incapable of avoiding them.  Attracting damage to their cars, as if there is a target firmly planted upon their back.  Whether you are one of the lucky few to have never damaged your car, or one of those who are seasoned pro's, I can promise you that there is still much to learn.  I'll take this moment as my cue to introduce myself.

     My name is Sam Plumb, and I have spent a vast majority of my life surrounded by wrecked vehicles, insurance claims, and everything else involved with the nebulous world of collision repair.  My father and his business partner have successfully operated within the industry for close to 40 years, and there are good reasons as to how and why.  Most notably, they created a collision repair business that does not cut corners, that does not compromise the value or integrity of any vehicle.  They created, and have maintained, something that is increasingly rare in the industry.  They built a business that revolves around the idea of having pride in the work performed, work that produces a final result so pristine, that it is almost as if the damage never occurred.  I am not telling you this to brag about my father's business by any means, I do so only to give you a better idea of the environment in which I operate.

     Throughout my experience working in the industry, I have noticed a heartbreaking trend regarding any type of automobile repair.  It seems as though everyone has ten bad experiences for every one good experience in their past.  This is probably the reason why used car salesman and automobile mechanics are some of the least trusted professions year by year.  It is also the reason why services such as Carfax have become household names, despite the limited information they actually provide. Through the years of my experience I have realized how stressful and confusing all things relating to car wrecks, insurance claims reporting, and diminished value can be to an outsider.  Which brings me to why I am writing to you now, as a seasoned insider.  As future posts develop, I hope to provide you with all of the information necessary to comprehend and command your own unfortunate accidents.  I hope to provide my readers with industry insider information, all of which has been gathered through my experiences with thousands of high end vehicles, every imaginable insurance company, involving any and all customer circumstance. Information will include how to best proceed through claims processes, common misnomers of insurance procedures, way in which you can best protect the value of your investment, and insurance company particulars based upon customer response and developments within the insurance industry as a whole.  My expertise has focused mainly upon Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz, however, I hope that the information provided will be useful to all vehicle owners far and wide.